Tag: administrivia

  • Actual content updates

    Just added location maps to all the pages in the Mass Route Log for currently active numbered routes. Also added tags for all the towns in Massachusetts. Hopefully I’ll figure out a way to easily add those tags to each of the route pages.

  • There go the exit lists…

    After further review, I’ve decided to abandon the exit lists. There’s a few reasons for this. One is they haven’t been updated in… well, pretty much forever. That cuts both ways – there’s not much to update once they’re done, and the time required to gather data to update them is time I can find better things to do with. Another is that reformatting them to fit in with the rest of northeasthighways.com is a pretty tedious task.

  • Whoops!

    If you stopped by in the past 24 hours or so, youm ight have noticed htings looked a little weird… seems that if you update Drupal (the site software I’m using) via your webhost’s control panel instead of via the instructions in the upgrade package, Bad Things Happen, like your site theme gets blown away. Lesson learned.

  • Welcome

    Welcome to the new NortheastHighways.com site. My plan is to transfer the highway content from neilbert.com over to here. Some of it is already completely here (Mass Route Log), some needs to be fixed (the exit guides). Design wise, there’s a lot to be done as well – it’s pretty generic. I’m sure someday I’ll get to that.