Speed Limits and Tolls

In perusing the site stats, it looks like a lot of you are looking for information on speed limits and tolls.

However, I don’t have it. At least, not anything usable. I had a piece on the CT speed limits when they went to 65MPH but that’s 10 years old now and woefully out of date. As for tolls, well, nothing there either. Sorry. I only use toll roads when I have to or when someone else is paying the tolls.

And for the person searching for tolls and speed limits on I-90 to Vermont, I’ve got some bad news for you…

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  1. It is important factor when you drive on roads. Roads are the good way of communication. Always keep your under the speed limits while you travel for long journeys. Because the psycho effect is person is bored while driving and desires to reach early.
    Remember accidents are always happen due to the other’s mistakes.

    [ed: link removed. not interested in people using this site to build their pagerank.]

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