US 202

General Routing

CT line in Southwich to NH line in Winchendon via Holyoke and Shutesbury

Upgrades and Multiplexes

Multiplex with MA 10 from CT line to Westfield. Also picks up MA 57 briefly in Southwick.
Multiplexed with US 5 in Holyoke.
Multiplex with MA 2 from Orange to Phillipston.
Brief multiplex with MA 2A in Templeton.
Cosign with MA 68 in Templeton.
Brief multiplex with MA 12 in Winchendon.
Cosigned with MA 122 in New Salem.
Cosigned with MA 21 in Belchertown.


US 202 was commissioned by 1936, following much the same route as it does now.

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