MA 38

General Routing

Boston to Dracut via via Medford, Billerica and Lowell

Upgrades & Multiplexes

Cosigned with MA 110 in Lowell.
Cosigned with MA 16 in Medford.


In 1930, was numbered 3B. Appears to have been renumbered to 38 between 1930 and 1933.

The basic route has remained the same. Changes occurred in the metro Boston area. My 1939 map shows it coming up the O’Brien Highway after starting at the intersection of the Charles River Dam and Memorial Drive. It then went up Medford St to South St, then crossed over into Medford on Winthrop St. It then took Main St out towards Winchester. By 1942, it had been taken off Medford Ave and put onto Mystic Ave. It appears that sometime in the 1960’s, 38 was cut back to have its southern terminus at the intersection of Mystic Ave and the McGrath Hwy.

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