MA 31

General Routing

CT line in Dudley to NH line in Ashby via Spencer and Leominster.

Upgrades and Multiplexes

Multiplex with MA 140 in Princeton.
Brief multiplex with MA 119 in Ashby.
Brief multiplex with MA 9 in Spencer.
Multiplex with MA 2A in Fitchburg. Picks up MA 12 as well.
Cosigned with MA 62 in Princeton.


Originally only went from the NH line to MA 119. (This section was numbered MA 108 up through 1928). By 1939, it had swallowed up the rest of its current routing, which consisted of (in 1936 numbering) unnumbered road from the CT line to Holden, MA 120 from Holden to Crockerville (just west of Fitchburg) and MA 26 from Fitchburg to 119.

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Kurumi’s CT 31 entry

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