MA 111

General Routing

West Concord to NH line in Pepperell.

Upgrades and Multiplexes

Cosigned with MA 119 in Groton.
Multiplex with MA 110 from Harvard to Ayer.
Useless multiplex with MA 2 from MA 27 to the Concord Rotary. [1]
Multiplex with MA 225 in Groton.
Cosigned with MA 2A in Ayer.


In 1930, 111 ran from Concord to West Acton and (probably) to Harvard. By 1933, it was definitely out to Harvard. A second section also ran from Ayer to the NH line. Whether the two were connected by a multiplex with 110 from Harvard to Ayer is not clarified until a 1939 map.

111 was cut back to West Concord by 1942; MA 2A took the road into Concord. By 1954, 111 was further reduced to its current eastern terminus at MA 27 due to the expansion of the Rt 2 Expressway.

Continues across the border as NH 111.

[1] Personal email from Rob Hagopian.

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