MA 110

General Routing

West Boylston to Salisbury

Upgrades and Multiplexes

Useless multiplex with MA 12 in West Boylston. Picks up MA 140 as well.
Multiplex with MA 70 in Clinton.
Multiplex with MA 2A in Littleton.
Brief multiplex with MA 113 in Methuen, and a longer one around Haverhill.
Very brief multiplex with MA 4 in Chelmsford.
Cosigned with MA 225 in Westford.
Cosigned with MA 111 in Harvard and Ayer.
Brief multiplex with MA 38 in Lowell.
Very brief multiplex with MA 125 in Haverhill.


The route has remained basically the same from West Boylston to Haverhill. In 1930, the route may have ended in Amesbury; the road from there to Salisbury is listed as unimproved. A more likely scenario is that it ran up to the NH border at about where I-95 crosses; this was certainly the case by 1939. The end was moved to Salisbury between 1954 and 1956.

In 1939, the southern end extended south down MA 12 to either 122A or the intersection of 9 and 12. This continued through 1949; it’s not clear when it was moved north into West Boylston. [Source]

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