MA 102

General Routing

NY line in West Stockbridge to Lee

Upgrades and Multiplexes

Cosigned with MA 41 in West Stockbridge.


102 began as early as 1930 connecting Taunton to Weymouth via Bridgewater & Whitman. It appears that section north of Bridgewater was renumbered to MA 18 by 1933, with MA 104 taking the part south of Bridgewater.

In 1930, the section of modern 102 from West Stockbridge to Lee was part of MA 141. (There wasn’t any connection west from West Stockbridge to New York.) This section was renumbered to 102 by 1933; the road west is shown but does not appear to carry a number until possibly as early as 1939 (the maps are unclear, but where in 1936 it is shown as different from the rest of 102, in 1939 it is shown more similarly). From 1939-1942 (at least, it could be as long a range as 1936-1945), the New York side of the road was numbered 432. The first definitive sign that 102 made it to the border appeared in 1950.

Currently continues across NY line as a secret (unsigned) state route, number 980D.

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