General Routing

CT line in Longmeadow to VT line in Bernardston

Upgrades and Multiplexes

Expressway full length.

Briefly cosigned with US 5 in Springfield.
Cosigned with MA 2 in Greenfield.


The first hint of this highway in a proposed highway south of Springfield in 1959. By 1961, the highway was built from the CT line to Springfield, and under construction the the South Deerfield Bypass. North of the South Deerfield Bypass to south of Bernardston was also shown as under construction; north to the VT line was completed. The whole was listed as a proposed Interstate. By 1966, construction had progressed into Springfield from the south, as well as sections from North Hatfield to the South Deerfield bypass and from Greenfield to Bernardston. By late 1966, the highway north of I-90 was scheduled to open, leaving only the Springfield to I-90 segment to build. By 1971, all of this but the section between West St and Memorial Ave was built; the last segment was completed the following year.

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