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495/290 Interchange Work Takes A Hit

I drive through this interchange twice a day at least. It sucks (there isn’t a nice way to put it, sorry). From 290, there’s often a backup onto 495 south, which in turn gets backed up because of the proximity of the onramps from 85 & 290, on an uphill grade, followed shortly by the exit to US 20 west.

Northbound on 495 is no better – too many people who decide at the last minute to suddenly cross 2 lanes of traffic to get onto 290, because they didn’t want to wait in the line of slow moving cars on the right.

Improvements to Interstate 495/290 are sidelined – Framingham, MA – The MetroWest Daily News

US 7

General Routing

CT line in Ashley Falls to VT line in Williamstown via Great Barrinton and Pittsfield.

Upgrades and Multiplexes

Multiplexed with US 20 between Lenox and Pittsfield.
Cosigned with MA 2 in Williamstown.


Originally NE-4. Appears to basically have same route since the 1930’s, wit the exception of the Lenox and Ashley Falls bypasses. The northern half of the Lenox bypass was built around 1953 and was signed as Bypass 20. Between 1961 and 1966, the southern half was completed, 7 was put onto it, and MA 7A was put onto the old route through Lenox. Around the same time period, the Ashley Falls bypass was built and the same change occurred.

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