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Suggestion to Build a MA 9 – I 290 connector

The Image of Worcester: Connecting to/from Route 9 in Shrewsbury, Worcester’s Eastern Gateway:

“[T]here seems to be a unique opportunity to┬áconstruct a 1.7 mile connector highway between I-290 and Route 9 along an existing power line right-of-way (ROW).”

An interesting concept, to be sure. Eric also has a well-thought out public transit system upgrade for Worcester that I like the sounds of.

Slow spot

Slow spot:

” The area [of I-290] near the I-190 onramp is also confusing and the study recommends re-striping in that area.”

One of the commenters hit this one – they had restriped it when they repaved last year. THey removed the surprise merge of the slow lane on 290 and the high-speed lane on 190, gave exiting traffic a separate lane and everything (after a few days of adjustment) started flowing smoother. Then they striped it back to the way it is now and it became a free for all again.

And now it’s dead. For now.

“The Boston Region Metropolitan Planning Organization officially eliminated the Interstate 495/290 reconstruction project from its regional transportation plan Thursday.”

And now it’s dead. For now. They say they;ll try to get it back on the plan next year; I’m sure it’ll get done at some point. Hopefully I won’t have to go through it very often by then.

I-495/290 reconstruction project officially scrapped from wickedlocal.com

495/290 Interchange Work Takes A Hit

I drive through this interchange twice a day at least. It sucks (there isn’t a nice way to put it, sorry). From 290, there’s often a backup onto 495 south, which in turn gets backed up because of the proximity of the onramps from 85 & 290, on an uphill grade, followed shortly by the exit to US 20 west.

Northbound on 495 is no better – too many people who decide at the last minute to suddenly cross 2 lanes of traffic to get onto 290, because they didn’t want to wait in the line of slow moving cars on the right.

Improvements to Interstate 495/290 are sidelined – Framingham, MA – The MetroWest Daily News


General Routing

Auburn to Hudson via Worcester

Upgrades and Multiplexes

Expressway full length


I-290 first appears on a 1961 map, roughly along the same route as now to Shrewsbury. It then was to turn more southerly, crossing US 20 and MA 135 south of Northboro Center, crossing MA 30 and MA 9 slightly east of their intersection in Westboro, then meeting I-495 between the Mass Pike and Rt 9 interchanges. By 1966, the proposed route had been shifted to match more closely what it is now. The highway was completed between 1969 and 1971.

The interchange with I-495 makes it clear that the road was originally intended to continue east. The highway does connect to MA 85 in Hudson via an unnumbered route commonly referred to as the Rt 85 Connector.

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