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Slow spot

Slow spot:

” The area [of I-290] near the I-190 onramp is also confusing and the study recommends re-striping in that area.”

One of the commenters hit this one – they had restriped it when they repaved last year. THey removed the surprise merge of the slow lane on 290 and the high-speed lane on 190, gave exiting traffic a separate lane and everything (after a few days of adjustment) started flowing smoother. Then they striped it back to the way it is now and it became a free for all again.


General Routing

Worcester to Leominster

Upgrades and Multiplexes

Expressway full length


The first section of 190 to open was the short part from I-290 to Exit 1, which was posted as MA 122A as early as 1966. By 1975, the state maps show a proposal for I-190. The 1979-80 map shows it under construction. The road opened in April, 1983. [1]


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Kurumi’s I-190 entry


[1] Kurumi, see link above.