Slow spot

Slow spot:

” The area [of I-290] near the I-190 onramp is also confusing and the study recommends re-striping in that area.”

One of the commenters hit this one – they had restriped it when they repaved last year. THey removed the surprise merge of the slow lane on 290 and the high-speed lane on 190, gave exiting traffic a separate lane and everything (after a few days of adjustment) started flowing smoother. Then they striped it back to the way it is now and it became a free for all again.

Engineers: Rt. 13 improvements would ease chronic congestion

Engineers: Rt. 13 improvements would ease chronic congestion


“[M]ajor improvements for the state-owned section of Route 13, a chronically congested area near the Route 2 interchange, were presented to residents and officials at City Hall last night. “

Yep, this is pretty badly needed. I was up that way during the day on Monday and every time I try to get through there, it both simultaneously not moving and a mad dash to get into the intersection without an accident.

(Via Wormtown Taxi.)

And now it’s dead. For now.

“The Boston Region Metropolitan Planning Organization officially eliminated the Interstate 495/290 reconstruction project from its regional transportation plan Thursday.”

And now it’s dead. For now. They say they;ll try to get it back on the plan next year; I’m sure it’ll get done at some point. Hopefully I won’t have to go through it very often by then.

I-495/290 reconstruction project officially scrapped from

495/290 Interchange Work Takes A Hit

I drive through this interchange twice a day at least. It sucks (there isn’t a nice way to put it, sorry). From 290, there’s often a backup onto 495 south, which in turn gets backed up because of the proximity of the onramps from 85 & 290, on an uphill grade, followed shortly by the exit to US 20 west.

Northbound on 495 is no better – too many people who decide at the last minute to suddenly cross 2 lanes of traffic to get onto 290, because they didn’t want to wait in the line of slow moving cars on the right.

Improvements to Interstate 495/290 are sidelined – Framingham, MA – The MetroWest Daily News

Speed Limits and Tolls

In perusing the site stats, it looks like a lot of you are looking for information on speed limits and tolls.

However, I don’t have it. At least, not anything usable. I had a piece on the CT speed limits when they went to 65MPH but that’s 10 years old now and woefully out of date. As for tolls, well, nothing there either. Sorry. I only use toll roads when I have to or when someone else is paying the tolls.

And for the person searching for tolls and speed limits on I-90 to Vermont, I’ve got some bad news for you…

There go the exit lists…

After further review, I’ve decided to abandon the exit lists.

There’s a few reasons for this. One is they haven’t been updated in… well, pretty much forever. That cuts both ways – there’s not much to update once they’re done, and the time required to gather data to update them is time I can find better things to do with. Another is that reformatting them to fit in with the rest of is a pretty tedious task.

So, I’m just going to leave them over at They won’t be linked from the front page anymore after I work through my plans for the site; really I’m just leaving them up because other sites have linked to them.

Mass Route Log

The Massachusetts Route Log

US 1 MA 8 US 20 MA 32 MA 45 MA 69 I-91 MA 108 MA 119 MA 130 MA 146 MA 189 MA 286 MA 514
MA 1A MA 8A MA 20A MA 32A MA 47 MA 70 I-93 MA 109 MA 120 MA 131 MA 146A I-190 I-290 MA 515
MA C1 MA 9 MA 21 MA 33 MA 49 MA 71 MA 93 MA 109A MA 121 MA 132 MA 147 MA 192 I-291 MA 516
MA 2 MA 9A MA 22 MA 34 MA 52 MA 75 I-95 MA 110 MA 121 MA 133 MA 148 MA 193 I-295 MA 517
MA 2A MA C9 MA 23 MA 35 MA 53 MA 78 MA 96 MA 110A MA 121A MA 134 MA 149 I-195 MA 295 MA 518
US 3 MA 10 MA 24 MA 36 MA 56 MA 79 MA 97 MA 111 MA 122 MA 135 MA 150 MA 197 I-391
MA 3 MA 11 MA 25 MA 37 MA 57 MA 80 MA 98 MA 112 MA 112 MA 112 MA 112 MA 198 I-395
MA 3A MA 3A MA 26 MA C37 MA 58 MA 81 MA 99 MA 113 MA 123 MA 137 MA 152 US 202 I-495
MA 4 MA 13 MA 27 MA 38 MA 60 MA 83 MA 101 MA 114 MA 124 MA 138 MA 159 MA 203 I-695
US 5 MA 14 MA 28 MA 39 MA 62 I-84 MA 102 MA 114A MA 126 MA 139 MA 169 MA 204 I-895


US 5A MA 15 MA C28 MA 40 MA 63 MA 85 MA 103 MA 115 MA 127 MA 140 MA 177 MA 213 MA 85 Connector

US 6MA 16MA 28AMA 41MA 64I-86MA 104MA 115AMA 127AMA 141MA 181MA 220Lowell Connector

MA 6AMA 17MA 29MA 42MA 66MA 86MA 105MA 116MA 128MA 142MA 183MA 225MA 501US 7MA 18MA 30MA 43MA 67MA 88MA 106MA 117MA 129MA 143MA 186MA 228MA 511MA 7AMA 19MA 31US 44MA 68I-90MA 107MA 118MA 129AMA 145MA 187MA 240MA 512

MA 112

General Routing

Huntington to VT line in Colrain

Upgrades and Multiplexes

Multiplex with MA 143 north of Worthington Corners.
Multiplex with MA 9 Cummington to Goshen.
Brief multiplex with MA 2 near Shelburne Falls.
Multiplex with MA 116 in Ashfield.


In 1930, 112 ran basically along the same route as now from Huntington to Worthington. At Worthington, it headed east along modern 143, then north to it’s current route east of Cummington. It stayed with the current route to Lithia, then headed north to modern MA 116 at Spruce Corner, then west back to its current route (again). It then stayed along its current route to end at Rt 2 near Shelburne Falls.

Between 1936 and 1939, 112 was extended north to the Vermont border via what had previously been MA 56. Also, the section from Worthington Corners to Cummington was rerouted to its modern route. Finally, between 1966 and 1969, MA 112 was rerouted to its current route from Lithia to Goshen, then north to Buckland.

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MA 142

General Routing

Bernardston to VT line in Gill.


Extension of VT 142. In 1930, the VT side of the route was 101; that number was in use in Massachusetts along what would become US 44. By 1933, Vermont had renumbered to 30, which was also in use in Massachusetts. Between 1946 and 1950, VT renumbered again to 142. It may be that Massachusetts applied the 142 number to the road connecting to East Northfield across the river at that point; no map shows the number in MA until a 1975 state map which shows it on the current route down to Rt 10, staying to the west of the river.

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MA 114A

General Routing


Upgrades & Multiplexes

Brief multiplex with US 6 in Seekonk.


114A is nowhere near MA 114, because it is an alternate route to RI 114. First appears on the 1969 state map.

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